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Samuel Phillip & Associates is a law firm in St. George’s, Grenada, West Indies.  

The firm delivers a bespoke solution for each client. 

It offers a wide range of legal and related services.  The team is experienced in: conveyancing (property transactions),  employment & labour law, mergers and acquisitions, banking law, commercial advice and agreements, estate (including wills, trusts, probate and letters of administration), company incorporation and administration, leases and tenancy agreements, document authentication, including notarisations, arbitration and mediation


We present options for alternative methods of dispute resolution, especially via mediation- cost-effective, quicker, confidential,  and more satisfying.   

Failing successful resolution outside of the Courtroom, we provide effective representation in Court matters. 

In addition, we can offer arbitration services. 

Debt and Equity Financing, including mortgages, bills of sale, promissory notes, debentures, private-public partnerships and other joint venture arrangements, mergers and acquisitions,  commercial real estate transactions, including structuring, taxation, commercial agreements and advice, simple and complex contracts, company incorporation, set-up, winding up and insolvency

Conveyancing: acting for vendors and purchasers, whether citizens or non-citizens, preparation and processing of  aliens’ land-holding licences, reconveyances, deeds of gift, vesting deeds, deeds of assent, possessory title applications, sale agreements, condominiums, long term leases

Estate Planning, drafting of wills, including setting up trusts under wills,  lodging of caveats, acting as executor/administrator, application for grants of letters of administration and probate  including re-sealing Commonwealth grants, creditors’ grants of letters of administration, contentious probate applications, advice on distribution of estates, vesting deeds and deeds of assents, paternity applications, mental health applications, and estate accounts 

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