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Complaints about Attorneys-at-Law in Grenada

Since 2011, the Legal Profession Act passed in Grenada set up a General Legal Council (“GLC”), comprised not only of a judge and certain categories of attorneys-at-law, including the Attorney-General, but also, of members of the wider society, namely, one nominated by the Conference of Churches and two by the Governor-General.

One of its functions is to receive and determine complaints about the conduct of attorneys-at-law, and the pronounce punishment, if the complaint is just.

While there have been various challenges to the GLC becoming fully functional over the years, perhaps as a COVID gift, in 2021, the GLC has finally started to hear and determine complaints.

Complaints may be lodged in forms available at the Office of the Secretary to the GLC, being the Registrar of the Supreme Court, whose office is in the Peters’ Photo Studio Building, Church Street, St. George’s.

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