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Since 2011, the Legal Profession Act passed in Grenada set up a General Legal Council (“GLC”), comprised not only of a judge and certain categories of attorneys-at-law, including the Attorney-General, but also, of members of the wider society, namely, one nominated by the Conference of Churches and two by the Governor-General. One of its functions […]

When individuals die, someone standing in their shoes- a personal representative – needs to administer whatever valuables they leave behind and or their obligations. Who is entitled to do so is prescribed by law. Where there is a will, the following persons, in order of priority, may apply to the Court to become personal representatives: […]

Simply put, a will is a written instrument, signed by a person (called a testator, where male; testatrix, where female) in the presence of two (2) persons, and which becomes effective upon death. Of course, there are several more technical rules involved in witnessing and executing. What many persons do not know is that, under […]

Prior to the passage of the Status of Children Act (“the Act”) by the Parliament of Grenada in 1991 , children born out of wedlock suffered the disability of being unable to inherit property when a father died intestate. The Act was specifically intended to “remove the legal disabilities” of children born out of wedlock. […]

When someone who was domiciled in Grenada at the date of death dies without a will, any and everything he/she owns, that is, his or her estate, is inherited according to a set prescription of Grenada’s intestacy laws. The person who died without a will or valid will is referred to as an “intestate” person. […]

I received an inquiry recently: is there a standard (legal) fee for legal (services) …; is there a norm, or is it that each lawyer charges according to their whim and fancy? To answer, a brief context: The Grenada Bar Association is a non-profit organisation to which each person admitted to practice as an attorney-at-law […]

We have been conditioned to think of a law suit filed in a Court as the way to resolve our disputes, in spite of backlog, expense, and general unhappiness with the process. In Grenada, mediation is a successful complement to and substitute for the Court. Mediation allows persons in dispute to determine their own solution. […]

Many persons find it financially wise or necessary to borrow monies to acquire property, and this borrowing is secured by something called a mortgage. A mortgage to a lender is mostly done by way of a legal mortgage, by signing a deed prepared by an attorney-at-law admitted to practice in Grenada to transfer the legal […]

In Grenada, the law recognises two types of joint ownership of the absolute interest in the property: joint tenancy and tenancy in common.     Joint Tenancy The owners are called joint tenants. They must all agree on any future transfer of the property.  If one of them dies, the remaining owner(s) becomes entitled to the […]

If you are obtaining a loan, ensure that your loan funds would be ready for the completion date. If you are not obtaining a loan, ensure that you have provided your attorney-at-law with the funds in advance of the completion date. Inform your attorney-at-law whether any building on the property needs keys to enter and […]