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Items to consider in entering into an agreement to purchase land in Grenada: Is the agreement you are entering into with the vendor a binding contract? Have you sought legal advice from an attorney-at-law/lawyer who can act on your behalf without conflict of interest, or are you consenting to the acting for more than one […]

An individual who was born in Grenada An individual who is married to a Grenadian citizen, and who has applied for citizenship by virtue of his/her marriage An individual whose parent(s) was/were Grenadian citizens at the date the person was born An individual who has, on other grounds, including naturalisation, applied for and obtained Grenadian […]

While you do not need to be a national or citizen of Grenada to buy land in Grenada, it makes a significant difference if you are not. Then, you are considered a foreigner for the purpose of buying land, or, as the law would call you, an alien. If you are an alien, this adds […]

Some key information your attorney-at-law/lawyer will need: Due diligence documentation and information: full names, including aliases; date of birth; occupation; source of your wealth, including supporting documentation; coloured copies of two (2) valid pieces of Government-issued ID; proof of address; mailing address; financial institution; marital status; and whether you are or related to a prominent […]

Inspect the boundary marks on the ground and obtain a copy of the lot plan; Ask whether there are covenants, eg, restrictions on use; Request a copy of the seller’s title deed; Hire a land surveyor licensed in Grenada to verify the boundaries; Consider getting a competent construction professional to advise you on the structural […]

Grenada’s Employment Act speaks to temporary lay-offs for customary seasonal employment. Otherwise, unless contracted for, including force majeure provisions, there is no general right to institute temporary lay-off. Subject to the above stated, if COVID-19 measures require the employer to shut or scale down its business, the employer needs to assess whether the contract has […]

The significance of the answers to the questions posed in Part 1 If most of your answers suggest that the employer is the one in control, even if for payment purposes the employee was treated as a contractor, there is a good chance that the law would deem that individual an employee, or a dependent […]

The Grenada employment landscape has, like everywhere else worldwide, changed drastically with a lockdowns imposed by Government within under four (4) hour notice before the end of the workday for most employees.     Our labour laws do not appear to make any specific provision for dealing with employment contracts negatively impacted by Governmental action, the […]