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Guide to Buying Property in Grenada- Instructing an attorney-at-law/lawyer

Some key information your attorney-at-law/lawyer will need:

  1. Due diligence documentation and information: full names, including aliases; date of birth; occupation; source of your wealth, including supporting documentation; coloured copies of two (2) valid pieces of Government-issued ID; proof of address; mailing address; financial institution; marital status; and whether you are or related to a prominent public (governmental) figure;
  2. Whether you are buying the property with anyone else;
  3. Whether all buyers are Grenadian nationals, citizens or entitled to Grenadian citizenship;
  4. If you are borrowing to buy or paying cash, and if loan, who is your lender;
  5. If you need to obtain a new plan, the new plan;
  6. If you are buying only a portion of the land owned by your vendor;
  7. Whether there is a building on the property, with utility connections and persons in occupation, as well as furniture, appliances and the like;
  8. The name/contact details for the vendor/vendor’s attorney-at-law;
  9. The price you have agreed to pay for the property; and
  10. A copy of the vendor’s title deed.

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