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Guide to Buying Property in Grenada- First Actions

  1. Inspect the boundary marks on the ground and obtain a copy of the lot plan;
  2. Ask whether there are covenants, eg, restrictions on use;
  3. Request a copy of the seller’s title deed;
  4. Hire a land surveyor licensed in Grenada to verify the boundaries;
  5. Consider getting a competent construction professional to advise you on the structural integrity of any building or suitability of the land for the use you wish to make of it;
  6. If there are contents, eg, appliances and furniture, create a list with the vendor and agree their value;
  7. Consider obtaining a valuation from a competent valuation professional whose work is accepted by the banks or credit unions in Grenada; and
  8. Armed with 1-7, identify and contact an attorney-at-law/a lawyer in Grenada.

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