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Guide to Buying Property in Grenada- Nationality and Buying Land

While you do not need to be a national or citizen of Grenada to buy land in Grenada, it makes a significant difference if you are not. Then, you are considered a foreigner for the purpose of buying land, or, as the law would call you, an alien.

If you are an alien, this adds an extra layer to the process, producing a longer closing timeline and making the transaction more costly.

As a foreigner, you are required to obtain an aliens landholding licence. In order to do so, you need to obtain a police certificate of character, a bank reference, 2 personal references, notarised IDs, incuding passport, and marriage certificate, if you are a legally married couple buying.

Additionally, you will pay an extra layer of Government charges upon buying- 10% of the value of the property as assessed by the Inland Revenue Department above the exempt band, and if ever you decide to sell, you will pay 2x the amount of transfer tax as if you were a Grenadian citizen or national.

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